Gartner, I love you, but…

You’re not right. You’re sorta right.

I get it, you’re a business. A BIG business (unicorn!). You need to make money, feed the beast and retain market share.

In order to do that, companies pay you (a lot of) money to get listed on your MQ, that you publish after the world has changed a few times. It’s safer that way. You publish old content for high prices under the guise of research. Then people who want that research pay you too, under the idea of “content” for payment of their email address. That’s a great two-sided business model!

That might be ok for paleontology but not for tech. It moves too fast.

Those poor people are getting stale information that’s highly biased in return for their inbox. Ouch.

Solving the MQ/Wave problem


The problem is timeliness. While Gartner/Forrester have valuable things to say, they cannot move at the speed of business.

Sidekick leverages automation, big data and machine learning to showcase over 30,000 companies, products and services.

Our dataset grows daily, and the data we capture increases. But it’s not all about data. It’s about accuracy.

Sidekick updates and refines data daily. Companies own their content and partnerships, integrations, and relationships are validated by both parties.

Quick Research

Companies have dedicated product pages to showcase their value proposition. See what else companies offer to increase their proposed value.

Why is that important? Listed companies have full control over their content, filters like security & compliance and integrations.

The Full Picture

Yes, the world is digital, but sometimes you need to know MORE.

More about customers, vendors, locations and partners. Is there a data center in my region? That’s typically hard to find.

Ever try finding a business partner from a major company? It’s almost impossible. We fix that.

Sidekick sorts that out for you. Filter down to what you need. It’s all there.

Streamlined Engagement

Research tells you what something is, but not how to get it to work. That includes sales.

How to contact the right sales agent in the right region? Is that the sales agent for my industry vertical? Is it the sales agent for the application I want?

Sidekick filters all that information so you don’t have to suffer. Easily locate and connect with click-to-call, chat, email, or in-app messaging.

How do you find solutions today? It’s really difficult and takes time. Sidekick quickly delivers and connects me to the right solutions. It cuts through the fake news like a knife.


Grant Shelton


“What a great way to finally see all the companies and solutions out there! With Sidekick I quickly found multiple solutions and selected the one best for my team.”


Marcie Worth

Business Owner

I needed to find a solution for my team. Fast. Instead of word-of-mouth or waiting for some research report I signed up with Sidekick and found so many options. It totally worked.


Nick Stevens

Team Leader