Market Intelligence Platform
Social Authentication – Facebook – LinkedIn – Twitterx
Personal Profilex (unlimited for employees)
Customizable Privacyx (individualized)
Social Functionality – Posting including images and video – Like, Comment, Sharex
Discover Solutions
Unlimited Discovery and Researchx
Suggestive AIx
Brand Control
Icon, Avatar, Banner editingx
Offering creation and editingx
Offering categorizationx
Business locations and contact informationx
Partner Channel Managementx
Partner Validationx
Sales Region Managementx
Sales Account Rep Managementx
Click-to-call x
Analytics & Reportingx
Sales Messagingx
Prospect Funnel Reportx
Category Channel Social Messagingx

In order to quickly and easily claim your listing:

  1. Log on with your work email.
  2. Find your company.
  3. Claim the company (click the green button) Your email must match the website URL. If your company uses a different email from your website, contact us.
  4. Complete the billing information. If you have questions, contact us! Or use the chat…
  5. Build relationships and grow!

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