Pricing tiers fit for each kind of company, from startup to enterprise. We understand you!

We have developed these pricing tiers to support both the small at-home developers struggling to sell their products or services, to mid-sized companies that need an affordable marketing channel to drive revenue and finally, for those big companies who already have substantial revenue but are more interested in budget reliability and reach than a high price-per-lead.

You can scale up and down as needed, and each tier can have multiple offerings, all for less than 1 Facebook ad.

Each paid plan includes:

Analytics Dashboard

Customizable Company Listing

Product or Service Listings

Location-based Sales

Lead-to-Rep In-App Messaging

Integration Validation

Partner, Customer and Vendor Management

Real-time Lead Alerts

Unlimited Sales Regions

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Starter (Silver Level)

  • Ideal for small companies with one offering
$ 50
per year / offering + $5.99 per lead
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Mid-Size (Gold Level)

  • Great for growth-focused companies with a few offerings
$ 100
per year / offering + $2.99 per lead
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Enterprise (Platinum Level)

  • Budget stability for companies with multiple products
$ 200
per year / offering + $0.99 per lead
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As our marketplace grows, pricing per tier will change. Customers who have claimed their listings will benefit from locked-in pricing! Don’t lose money by waiting. Sidekick is orders-of-magnitude more affordable and effective than advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Ads.

Quit wasting money and start earning more revenue from better leads, today.