DiscoveryMarket Intelligence Platform
PricingFREE FOREVER$89 USD / offering per month
Social Authentication – Facebook – LinkedIn – Twitterxx
Personal Profilexx (unlimited for employees)
Customizable Privacyxx (individualized)
Social Functionality – Posting including images and video – Like, Comment, Sharexx
Unlimited Discovery and Researchxx
Suggestive AIxx
Brand Control
Icon, Avatar, Banner editingx
Offering creation and editingx
Offering categorizationx
Business locations and contact informationx
Partner Channel Managementx
Partner Validationx
Sales Region Managementx
Sales Account Rep Managementx
Click-to-call xx
Analytics & Reportingx
Company Analyticsx
Sales Messagingxx
Prospect Funnel Reportx
Category Channel Advertisingx

As our marketplace grows, pricing may change. Customers who have claimed their listings will benefit from locked-in pricing! Don’t lose money by waiting. Sidekick is orders-of-magnitude more affordable and effective than advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Ads.

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In order to quickly and easily claim your listing:

  1. Log on with your work email (the free account)
  2. Find your company
  3. Claim the company (click the green button) Your email must match the website URL. If your company uses a different email from your website, contact us.
  4. Complete the billing information. If you have questions, contact us! Or use the chat…
  5. Make money!

Be the hero.