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Partner Channel Management

Sidekick is built to show the experts to the right customers.

No more lists!

Sidekick shows your brand right alongside the big dogs. Sure, they sell the product, but you’re the expert service! Services related to products show up to increase your brand recognition.

Control your Brand

Leverage this new marketing channel to expand customer awareness. With implementations to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, you have a social hub waiting for prospects. Let them drill further into your expertise and offerings.

Show off your expertise

Offerings are specific areas of expertise. Show it off! Tell prospects WHY you are the best.

Leverage that Relationship

It’s “collateral benefits” in Sidekick. Consultancies, Resellers, VARs, ISVs, and other kinds of strategic partnerships are findable when prospects follow a unicorn. Each listing company can manage their own partnerships, which help organize the valued technology, hardware, services solutions around the world.

Be the hero.