Gain valuable insight into prospect traffic

Each company gains valuable data to understand where customers come from, their intent and sentiment. See where your prospects are coming from over time and how your brand affects traction.

Control your Company Brand

With rich media controls, customize your pages to align to your brand and show your content to it’s best ability. Easily copy/paste webpages to match your website. Establish product-based branding to further showcase your value proposition.

Focus your market

Set exactly how you position your company and offerings to your best advantage. Focus on the industries YOU serve to maximum effect. If you ONLY sell to HIPAA companies, that’s easy! (here’s a trick: HIPAA only companies can filter offerings just to that category) It’s like we’re the AirBnB of software!

Craft the message per offering

Each product or service has their own unique page with rich media control, categorization, target market and more. Take your page from your website and paste it in! Add all your marketing automation links. Drive the conversation so prospects fully understand your value!

Showcase your Partnerships

Each company can manage their partnership channels to validate and align strategic relationships. Your partners will be proud you did! Multiple levels and types of partnerships? No problem! Badges too? Easy. Everyone expects some degree of partnership these days. It’s either services or integrations, so take a moment and showcase TO THE WORLD how awesome you are at working with others.

Define your Sales Agents

Preset your Experts so they are in easy reach. Add your sales reps into Sidekick and predefine their sales regions. That way they are the first contact when localized prospects get deeper into the funnel and connect. This saves everyone time, confusion and focuses the conversation.

Create Flexible Sales Regions

Assign those Sales Agents to their areas, no matter how they are setup. Sell to both US States AND Canadian Provinces? Easy peasy! Canada and Australia? No problem. Just click and add. You can even layer sales regions based on filters so your large-company, or national accounts, go to higher-level contacts while SMBs get their specific rep.

How do you find solutions today? It’s really difficult and takes time. Sidekick quickly delivers and connects me to the right solutions. It cuts through the fake news like a knife.


Grant Shelton


“What a great way to finally see all the companies and solutions out there! With Sidekick I quickly found multiple solutions and selected the one best for my team.”


Marcie Worth

Business Owner

I needed to find a solution for my team. Fast. Instead of word-of-mouth or waiting for some research report I signed up with Sidekick and found so many options. It totally worked.


Nick Stevens

Team Leader