Find current information in a fast world

The world is moving faster than ever. So fast, in fact, that new tools disrupt trusted legacy solutions on a daily basis. Why wait for a Magic Quadrant that comes out only every 12 months? Why rely on user review sites to feed you stale information?

Sidekick helps by offering you a complete, constantly updating view into the cloud market, the vendors and the partners. This helps you keep abreast of updates that affect your business.

800+ Categories

Use our comprehensive, intuitive system to find the best solution for your business.


Make better decisions

Decisions for your business need to be contextual to you and your organization. Your size, your industry, your location. Sidekick aims to help you and consider your business context while supplying you with the best information possible. If you’re a SMB we take that into account and offer solutions that match where you are today, and how you can scale for tomorrow. By offering suggestions on best-fit solutions, at your scale in your context, you save time and money.