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If there’s something troubling you, let us know and we’ll totally help you.

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FAQs to help everyone

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“Sidekick”, the term, is a great way to label an assistant, helper, aid, partner and generally someone or something that enables you to make better decisions and succeed. It seemed to fit us like a glove!

[/cmsmasters_toggle][cmsmasters_toggle shortcode_id=”d0cgj9ziee” title=”Why should I be in Sidekick?”]

As a person who wants to find new solutions:

A simple, free interactive community to help you find the best solutions and services for your company.

Sidekick is your assistant to give you better data so you can make better decisions.


As a business

• To easily establish your brand alongside those major partners who ignore you.

• To streamline leads direct to your designated account contact.

[/cmsmasters_toggle][cmsmasters_toggle shortcode_id=”00zg0zfcqs” title=”Why should I join now?”]

You should join today because the market shifts constantly. Waiting for the “right moment” is pretty hard to do, as that moment will pass you by before you know of it.

[/cmsmasters_toggle][cmsmasters_toggle shortcode_id=”tdrfdhcc9t” title=”How is Sidekick different from other lead systems?”]

Excellent question! We’re pretty different, in a few important ways: Capability, Context, and Relevance.

Most solutions like GetApp, Capterra or G2Crowd, list companies, general information and have user reviews. You can select a category and see a list and read a review or two. Yes, we’re pretty similar to that. But very different under the hood. While we don’t have user reviews, yet, there is a reason which I’ll address lower down.

As a modern system, Sidekick leverages web scraping and big data to generate our 30,000+ companies in our database. We initially tested 140M domains and narrowed it down by using algorithms. By doing this, Sidekick remains up-to-date to always show you the latest in the market. After all, there’s no point looking at legacy solutions that have either exited or been swallowed up and rebranded. Once a company captures its listing we no longer auto-update the information as that’s controlled by the company.

Being contextual, Sidekick is both a social network solution, which considers your identity and behavior, and a machine learning system to get smarter over time. This solution learns about you, including your business challenges, interests (via what you search or discover in Sidekick) and …and this is in development…what applications you use on your various devices. All of this data is harnessed for you and we can then provide solution suggestions, and product introductions to help streamline or accelerate your business. The point being that it’s a waste of your time to review applications or solutions that don’t fit either your industry restrictions (like HIPAA, or SOX) or don’t work with your ecosystem of applications. We allow you to see all companies and solutions and provide excellent value, but we want to become a trusted assistant to help drive your business, not just flood you with daily emails or useless data.

We don’t consider user reviews from 2010 as all that valuable because it’s not pertinent to your needs today or tomorrow. The industry moves far too quickly which makes someone’s valuable insight from 2010 not all that relevant today. Sure, it’s kept in archive for reference, but there’s no point in learning that MS Sharepoint 2008 is a document sharing system. D’uh, right? We are focusing on tying user reviews to software versions, so that the data is relevant at the right time, in context.


[/cmsmasters_toggle][cmsmasters_toggle shortcode_id=”4qzpftrrh” title=”I′m not the person who buys software. Is Sidekick for me?”]

Great question! Absolutely you’re the right person to be in Sidekick! Never fear that! Sidekick is intended to help everyone discover and select new solutions to help their business. That means that even though you might not be the one who buys things you probably still have influence or preference to the solutions or needs that need to be addressed in your business.

So join up! Learn more and explore! There’s no harm in learning and discovering solutions. In fact, the people who do purchase solutions in companies sometimes don’t know what else is out there, so they’d appreciate input BEFORE it’s too late.

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Not yet. In development! We’ll update this when it’s time. If you’re interested in knowing more, subscribe to the blog or sign up!

[/cmsmasters_toggle][cmsmasters_toggle shortcode_id=”kj951o51a” title=”Do I have to sign up?”]

No. You can check out most things as an anonymous user, but you won’t get full functionality until you create an account (it can be Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter if you prefer), so we can better understand who you are, and offer suggestions accordingly.

Note that all user accounts are free!

[/cmsmasters_toggle][cmsmasters_toggle shortcode_id=”jc5t44km3″ title=”I see my company! Do I have to ″claim″ it?”]

It’s great that your company is listed! A big part of Sidekick involves web scraping and big data in order to get companies listed, so “well done, you!”. Seriously though, no, you don’t have to claim it, but you also don’t gain anything by not claiming your company. Why?

For starters, claiming your company provides you the ability to manage your brand, the content (in case our scraping and ML algorithms are not 100%) AND get valuable leads to generate revenue!

Now, if you’re not the right person to claim the listing, that’s cool. We’d really appreciate if you could forward the information over to someone in your organization who is the right person, so we can help grow your business.

[/cmsmasters_toggle][cmsmasters_toggle shortcode_id=”a5a1r5qzk” title=”I′ve ″Claimed″ my company. Now What?”]

Awesome! Now that you’ve claimed your company, you’re off to a great start! But let’s finish up the paperwork.

The first thing to ensure is that you’ve completed the billing. If you’ve just claimed but abandoned the billing then you’re not 100% finished the process. So finish that up (the first 30 days are free) and then…tackle the company settings. Things to consider:

  • Brand images: icon and banner
  • Product information
  • Contact information
  • Know where you’re selling and who is responsible for contacting leads. Is that you? Someone else?
  • Do your profile, so people know who you are.

[/cmsmasters_toggle][cmsmasters_toggle shortcode_id=”3eejs7ha36″ title=”I sell more than one product. What do I do?”]

In Sidekick we consider products or services as “offerings”, which is just an easy way to keep things organized. It’s super easy to add, or retire, an offering.

In the company offering page, and you have to be the administrator to do this, you can add or deactivate offerings. When adding an offering you may have to purchase additional licenses, but then you’ll be able to customize and categorize the information. When that’s all done you can then setup the appropriate sales regions and contacts to get those products or services out to prospects.