Perfect for you and your business, large or small.

It’s all about context. Find EVERYTHING in one convenient experience. How’s that good? Data collisions, like being introduced to new things, allows us to see and understand more about a market, the challenge, and how others address those issues. See and learn about other facets of the industry and explore solutions you’ve never dreamed about. This gives you greater exposure and understanding to the market.

See all the Vendors and more

View the entire market segment to gain a clearer understanding of the offerings that fit your business. Learn that there are more players in a market segment than what Gartner tells you. See that there are many more companies than what Google shows. Then select the companies that interest you and drill deeper.

See how Vendors fit

Many companies sell more than one thing to specialize in their market segment. Learn how companies focus with specific solutions that can both accelerate your business AND streamline your vendor list. That helps everyone.

See where they do business, with whom, for Fit

Are your competitors or peers using the same software? Does this solution have traction elsewhere? Sidekick shows you customers, partners, in locations. That way you can understand where their sales efforts have been and where they’re going. If a company typically sells to only large Enterprise, is their solution really a good fit? Can you grow into it? We help you make the right choice.

See the Entire Cloud

We have over 800 categories encompassing infrastructure, platforms and software, including services. Our competitors don’t. They just focus on user reviews. If you need AI, machine learning, big data, or even financial services companies, we have them all. If you need the specialists offering services on those topics, we have them too!