Business IS social

Our lives revolve around dealing and succeeding with others. We only succeed when they succeed. The problem online is identity and WHY people are online.

Sidekick has a social component. We want to know more about you so we can help you. Knowing is half the battle, right? As we get to know you, your devices, your solutions then we can leverage our machine learning and AI and truly help you.

It starts with some basic information, like your profile.

The amount of data is up to you


You get full control of the data you enter. BUT, check the terms and conditions.

Company Information helps

Sidekick is about to change how you source solutions for your company. The best information we can give you comes from knowing your role in the organization.

That way people know how to treat you and give you the best information possible.

Privacy is Default

All settings are available to you to protect your privacy and security. Only share those items that you want to share. We take privacy seriously.

Connect Easily

Sidekick streamlines connection and keeps the things you want out of email, out of email!

Our built-in messaging helps keep conversations tracked. You can even see presence of who’s online and available to answer questions. That’s up to their privacy levels of course, but you see the ability!

And if you’re a listed company, anyone on your team can help resolve or answer questions!

How do you find solutions today? It’s really difficult and takes time. Sidekick quickly delivers and connects me to the right solutions. It cuts through the fake news like a knife.


Grant Shelton


“What a great way to finally see all the companies and solutions out there! With Sidekick I quickly found multiple solutions and selected the one best for my team.”


Marcie Worth

Business Owner

I needed to find a solution for my team. Fast. Instead of word-of-mouth or waiting for some research report I signed up with Sidekick and found so many options. It totally worked.


Nick Stevens

Team Leader