Your market intelligence platform

Easily discover all the players in your market segment, the products and services. Know where your customers are looking and how to better convert them to your solution.

See all the Vendors and more

View the entire market segment to gain a clearer understanding of the offerings that fit your business. Learn that there are more players in a market segment than what an MQ or Wave tells you. See that there are many more companies than what search shows.

Select the companies that interest you and drill deeper.

Focused by Segment

Did you know that company was public or not? That they do far more than the one thing you saw?

Many companies sell more than one product to specialize in their market segment.

Learn how companies focus with specific solutions that can both accelerate your business AND streamline your vendor list.

That helps everyone.

Great for Transformation

Sidekick shows everyone, even companies who haven’t paid. This gives you the ability to drill deeper, see what else they sell to see what fits, learn who they have sold to, where they’re located, what services they use (their stack), their integrations and who their partners are.

Many companies have resellers, VARs, ISVs, and other kinds of partnerships. See them all inside Sidekick.

Work at the speed of Business

Each day the internet grows, and shrinks by 100,000 domain names. Companies come and go faster than fashions change. New business categories come up each day with compelling valuable companies operating in those areas.

Sidekick grows with the times. We have Blockchain, Crypto-Currency and Artificial Intelligence areas so you can transform in today’s world.

Be the hero.