Everyone should be able to access everything about Sidekick from anywhere. That applies to the team as much as the audience we serve. We’re global so we should act like it. We work online.

Right now we rely heavily on Toptal. They have some excellent #heroes and that keeps us nimble. Heroes? Well sure! Sidekick needs Heroes, or we can’t be Sidekick. In the future we will be looking for our own #heroes. If you are interested let us know through all the various channels that exist. You can find them below.

A major part of a marketplace is you’ve got to have stock on the shelves. To do so, we leverage big data and advanced proprietary scraping solutions to ensure the market is in-step with the world today. This data involves every single domain in the world as they are created, so you know who’s coming and going. That data is then filtered through machine learning to ensure you are getting the most-accurate data without bias. We’ve had enough alt-news lately so data is key. Then we align the machine learning further into categories and associations so you get the most complete picture delivered to you daily.

Marketplaces only work if there’s trust. We don’t need more advertising. We do need clarity, integrity and honesty.

You are getting the data. The straight goods. The real deal. Let’s face it, we’re inundated with marketing and confusion and yet still have difficulty finding and learning about solutions that are being offered. Sidekick streamlines that experience and simplifies the connection both to those awesome vendors and solutions, and also to the experts nearby who can make those solutions rock.