Easily find solutions…and buyers…30x faster.

It’s all about context. Find EVERYTHING in one convenient experience. Learn about other facets of the industry and explore solutions you’ve never dreamed about.

The Rolodex only tells you who you know. Sidekick can show you every expert, their offerings, channel partners or vendors around you or across the globe.

Sure, a company might have a product to fix one thing, but does it work with ALL the rest? Does that Office 365 integration really work? Or does that partner still work with them?

Sidekick makes sure. Partner and Integration validation.

Enhanced for Vendors and Partners

New customers seek more information and want to learn about your products from other customers. Enable self-funnelling by promoting connection to existing customers in the community. Learn from those conversations through sentiment analysis and share collateral and toosl to support your solution advantage. Let your customers qualify themselves.

Then leverage that valuable customer insight and feedback on your product to enhance your offering. Leverage that self-funnelling so your account teams have all the insight they need to close the sale.

Customers want more information about you, your offering and how it fits in their world. But their world is complex. Security, compliance, integrations and penetration into the ecosystem are key factors for customers.

Show how your company and solutions are the best, that they are continually improving, and your positive momentum in the market. Prove that your strong enough financially and technically and that you’re continually exceeding customer expectations.

Maximize this opportunity to align with the major brands you support. Showcase your expertise and success stories to speed customer conversion.

Own your partnerships, channels and validate your experts. Prove that partnerships are two-way and that your ecosystem is vibrant so customers can succeed. Savvy purchasers, and influencers, know that in order to succeed there need to be experts in place to support the initiatives.



Gain new leads and higher penetration in your market segment with custom messaging and links to your CRM infrastructure. Convert customers faster to your value proposition and speed your sales cycles by engaging in their conversations.

Speed customer conversions into qualified opportunities directly with localized account team members. Manage your account and sales teams with cognitive sentiment analysis that supports your sales funnel stages so they can sell more efficiently to the right qualified buyers.



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