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Small Consulting Partner Uses Sidekick to Prioritize Sales and Grow Revenue

Jordan, Principle Partner from The Cloud Pilots, was frustrated with the cumbersome way of finding the data he needed for prospecting while promoting the company’s newly established Salesforce partnership.


The Cloud Pilots main channel page in Sidekick

Targeting local non-profit organizations, Jordan along with his business partner, Sal Farshori, and their team struggled with the balance between marketing their services to local companies while continuing to deliver their projects to existing customers. They needed better market intelligence and simpler tools to save time in promoting their offerings, and achieve greater efficiencies in their sales activities.

Using MyWorld to filter local prospect companies.

“We needed better tools to help us connect with our local market, and help new prospects better understand the value of the Salesforce platform, and why our services approach directly aligns to the platforms strengths.”

Jordan Ostapiuk, Principal Partner

Jordan’s team is comprised of experienced Salesforce-certified professionals faced with the challenge of promoting their brand alongside Salesforce as consulting partners. It is a challenge for new partners to gain visibility in a crowded global market where large organizations garner the most exposure. Jordan needed a marketing channel to level the playing field.

“Although we realize Sidekick helps us market our services to our local industries, we feel that it helps us build better connections as our foundation – and the work will follow!”

Jordan Ostapiuk, Principal Partner

With the help of Sidekick, The Cloud Pilots realized more efficiency and see their path to future Revenue channels

Cloud Pilots services align to their market segment

Sidekick is a startup that disrupts the vendor research space. It has built a web application that:

  • Makes buying B2B solutions transparent and unbiased.
  • Connects B2B buyers with software companies, local consultants, and integrators.
  • Offers suggestive solutions from user-defined criteria and behaviour.


Upon after claiming his listing in Sidekick and configuring his brand, offering and sales pages, Jordan began seeing success. Local prospecting became intuitive resulting in more effective use of prospecting time. Prospects were easier to find, prioritize and engage, while in-funnel prospects began self-educating resulting in faster deal flow.

Jordan’s entire team reduced their prospecting hours during their week and found new leads in their local target market.

The Team

  • Jordan Ostapiuk

    Principal Consultant, The Cloud Pilots

  • Sal Farshori

    Principal Consultant, The Cloud Pilots

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