Sales and Marketing speed up MQL 2 PQL with streamlined channels

Sales and marketing duties are vital within an organization regardless of size or vertical. Growth is the primary KPI for me which comes from marketing and later, as a close second, sales. That’s the same for everyone so let’s focus in on Sidekick. Sidekick is both a marketing and sales platform.


On the surface, Sidekick is a pretty new thing; it’s a minimally viable product and showcases a smattering (not complete by any stretch) of companies and products/services per category in a world of ever-changing categories, in a unique interactive experience. I know you get it.

Sidekick is a brand showcase for everyone: there are brand channels for companies that we’re interested in, products we might know about and company information we’ve previously never known. That’s the opener. That’s the first step of the marketing conversation.

This conversation is where Sidekick begins to help marketing and new business development people around the world. Those experts start going, “Ah! Right on!” because here’s a brand new channel being activated both by savvy marketers on the backend and by highly specific consumers who have little time to waste on bad content. These consumers want information fast, preferably drive by data so they can make quick decisions, funnel themselves and contact the next stage.

It’s a priority in Sidekick to help streamline content creation so publishers don’t have to repeat or redo their work in other blogs but can merely integrate those data points into their conversation in Sidekick. It’ll come. Soonish.

Marketers get the chance in Sidekick to have a dedicated page per product offering or type of service, they sell. These pages are set up to craft copy in a way that makes the value proposition clear and concise. This helps streamline communication for prospects so they can influence purchases.

And that’s where sales come in.


The cool thing about Sidekick is how prospects can contact a salesperson at any time, in any region they deem necessary. Sidekick is the AirBnb of software sales with the unique ability to filter your sales people based on your location.

Websites or SaaS applications can make it hard for someone to talk to “Sales”, which is pretty counter-intuitive. The problem is that a user has to fill in a form, enter an email in the hope of a rapid response, get routed from outbound, inbound, qualified or discover they’re talking to a bot (who might be really sophisticated but is still, alas, a bot). Imagine being able to filter to Wisconsin for license levels of 2000+ in Aerospace and be able to see the right person to talk to. That’s what Sidekick offers.

Sidekick communications can happen at any time throughout the customer engagement and speeds that time between MQL and PQL. Click-to-Call, email directly or just chat to anyone who’s available. This saves companies time and money while ideally closing those leads. Closing leads means growth.