Sidekick’s story

I was reading Medium earlier today and came across an excellent article about Warby Parker and their story. It was a very concise, easy-to-read story about their “Why”, in that Simon Sinek way of doing things. It was inspirational to say the least. Makes me want to buy glasses from them. So I thought, “Okay, i’ve got a few moments between twitter posts. Let’s see if I can write Sidekick’s story up.” So here goes:

Once, a young man was asked to find the best companies, products and services in the industry. He tried to find the right answers from search and magic quadrants but the information was hard to find, took time, wasn’t complete and involved ads. “Why is it so hard to find cloud solutions without this complexity?” he wondered. “This should be fun,” he thought. Later, he was a partner to major unicorns and was found it was hard gaining visibility for his company. “Why was establishing a partner brand so difficult?” he asked. “I should make a marketplace that gives people easy access to companies with great ROI for those companies so they can easily make more money.” Eureka! Sidekick was born.

Wow. It took some editing, as I can sometimes get very long-winded, but was fun to do. What did I learn from this? Yes, the message continues to be true: Sidekick is about easing the pain in the discovery and selection process. It was validating to write this statement as it also underscores the mission. Am I on brand? Yep! But not perfect. At the time of writing, this was the mission:

So a quick edit will change it to “The easier way to buy and sell cloud solutions and services” Amazing what a brief exercise will do to validate assumptions?

It also clarifies the mission for everyone. Hopefully for yourself. You see, as a social marketplace, Sidekick has to resolve pain everywhere: for people looking around to companies desiring more sales. This is a good validation of that mission.