Every solution and service sold in the cloud in a single intuitive experience, with dedicated brand channels to explore.

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Specific information focused on the market, the offerings,  and talk with experts without bias.

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Directly with experts and partners to solve your business challenges. Contact specialists across the globe to address specific challenges.

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Select from thousands of solutions & services

There are thousands of apps out there promising to fix your problem. Find the ones that work best in your world.

See Product Health and Momentum

As products change so do their customers. See how the companies react and respond.

Connect and Grow

Connect with similar people around the world with experiences you can leverage. Engage with others in the community to learn how to succeed.

Get Suggestions that Fit

We all have too much email. Get suggestions only on the things you want, when you want them, about things you need to know. That’s cool too.

Product Market Share

A great app might be new to the market with a small-but-loyal customer base, and growing aggressively. See how their ecosystem supports their product or service.

Find Local Experts Everywhere

Sometimes you need a real person. There’s a specialist or partner right around the corner or around the world. Connect and get the help you need.

How do you find solutions today? It’s really difficult and takes time. Sidekick quickly delivers and connects me to the right solutions. It cuts through the fake news like a knife.


Grant Shelton


“What a great way to finally see all the companies and solutions out there! With Sidekick I quickly found multiple solutions and selected the one best for my team.”


Marcie Worth

Business Owner

I needed to find a solution for my team. Fast. Instead of word-of-mouth or waiting for some research report I signed up with Sidekick and found so many options. It totally worked.


Nick Stevens

Team Leader