Solving the Google problem


The problem with search is that you only get what you search for.

That’s great if you know exactly what you want, but if you do, then you’re not searching, right?

Then, after you search, you’re given this. Ads. The companies who pay the most win.

You never knew there were other companies out there.

That’s bias. That’s wrong.

Solving the Gartner problem


Sure, companies LOVE to push Gartner MQs. After all, it’s a great way to show how valid and excellent a product is.

This was released last July. That’s an eternity in the tech world! It’s stale data. The world has changed a billion times since then.

Did you know that in order to get on the MQ, you need to purchase access? That’s pay-to-play and only the big competitors can play.

You never knew there were other companies out there. You never had a chance.

That’s bias. That’s wrong. (There’s a theme forming)

Discover Solutions Fast

Sidekick speeds discovery in an interactive experience. Our unique solution showcases adjacent segments so you see more, as you drill deeper.

These data collisions show you new companies, new products and services so you can make better decisions.

Fast, easy discovery of over 30K companies, products and services across 840+ segments.

Rounded Research


Sidekick shows everyone, even companies who haven’t paid. This gives you the ability to drill deeper, see what else they sell to see what fits, learn who they have sold to, where they’re located, what services they use (their stack), their integrations and who their partners are.

Many companies have resellers, VARs, ISVs, and other kinds of partnerships. See them all inside Sidekick.

Connect Easily


Find the right sales agent for your

  • company size
  • product
  • industry vertical

in the country you want. Or pick an office location and click-to-call them directly from the app.

You’ve done your homework, engage when you want.

How do you find solutions today? It’s really difficult and takes time. Sidekick quickly delivers and connects me to the right solutions. It cuts through the fake news like a knife.


Grant Shelton


“What a great way to finally see all the companies and solutions out there! With Sidekick I quickly found multiple solutions and selected the one best for my team.”


Marcie Worth

Business Owner

I needed to find a solution for my team. Fast. Instead of word-of-mouth or waiting for some research report I signed up with Sidekick and found so many options. It totally worked.


Nick Stevens

Team Leader