The age of cognitive solutions and big data is intended to reduce the friction. Sidekick leverages leading technologies to ensure you get the best data, recommendations and offerings so you can succeed.

Find Apps that fit

There are thousands of apps out there promising to fix your problem. Find the ones that work best in your world.

Streamline your Notifications

We all have too much email. Get notified only on the things you want, when you want them. Don’t want notifications? That’s cool too.

Find Local Experts

So you want a solution for your business. Did you know there’s a specialist right around the corner? Connect and get the help you need.

See Product Health and Direction

See how applications and solutions evolve over time. The world changes rapidly so see how the companies react and respond.

Product Market Share

A great app might be new to the market with a small-but-loyal customer base, and growing aggressively. Other solutions might be more mature and less nimble. Choose the one that fits to your environment.

Connect and Grow

Connect with similar people around the world with experiences you can leverage. Engage with others in the community to learn how to succeed.

Buyers of Software


  • Social Integration
  • Unlimited Research
  • Notifications, Reviews and Ratings
  • AI-Assisted Solution Suggestions
  • Real-time Updates to Market Changes
  • Location-Aware Suggestions
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  • SSO
  • Departmental Notification
  • Notification & Procurement Workflows
  • Application Inventories outside the Permiter
  • Solution Intelligence
  • Sentiment Reports
  • Corporate Privacy
$ 200
/ user / month

Sellers of Software or Services


$ 5.99
per lead generated + $50 per offering / year


$ 2.99
per lead generated + $100 per offering / year


$ 0 .99
per lead generated + $200 per offering / year

Each of these plans receive:

Analytics Dashboard Reports Trend Analysis
Market Intelligence Product Channels Customer Sentiment Analysis
Customer Analytics & Insight CRM Integration Partner/Expert Validation
Regional Sales Account Setup Regional Visibility & Reporting Sales Channel Workflow

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